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Foreign Lecturers Testimonials

Teaching for Yucuis international diploma programs has been a thrilling experience. I have taught in two of their programs so far, and this has helped me to stay flexible and adapt my teaching to different kinds of students and regional cultures. Additionally, the staff at headquarters is always available to help with teaching and living issues. If you are looking for a professional teaching adventure in China at the university level, I recommend working for Yucui. -Kevin Hoover, MBA



Working with Yucui for the past few years has been very rewarding and inspiring.

The thing that I appreciated the most about Yucui is their friendly and diligent staff who have helped me with all visa related tasks and were very supportive and helpful the moment I got to the airport. Yucui staff has looked after me in all work and life-related aspects which made my life in China an enjoyable one. 

This has given me a lot of satisfaction and determination to give Yucui all what I have. 

Working with Yucui gave me the opportunity to make friends with great Chinese teachers as well as foreign teachers from other parts of the world. Yucui management team is also great in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of teachers are included in the company planning process. 

I would absolutely recommend this giant company to any teacher who is looking for a fullfiling job coupled with an exciting life in China.

Thanks so much Yucui. -Nael



It’s been a year when I started working with YUCUI. I found a great support from the academic staff. Timely communication from the staff leads to the effective planning, organizing and implementation of the course work. I would be happy to continue my cooperation with YUCUI in the future. -Adrian



I have been working with Shanghai Yucui for about 2 years now, I have been engaged in teaching courses ranging from Economics, Finance and Management. I have always enjoyed working with the company for its systematic management, the help and professionalism they put in everything they do is incredible. The staff always react quickly and tirelessly to my questions and they always run to my rescue when I am stuck. The company has great honesty as opposed to many others in the industry. I can’t have a better team to work with than Yucui.-Ivan



It is with pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Yucui Education Investment Co (Yucui). My name is Kevin Antonovich, I have worked with the great people at Yucui for about 4-years as a University lecturer at various universities in China. I have found Yucui to be very professional in their approach to engaging and placing teachers in China. They have always been very prompt and courteous in dealing with any visa or other matters, and they are always open to receiving feedback and improvement suggestions. I look forward to continuing my association with them.- Kevin.Antonovich