International Programs
  • Introduction

    • Main Responsibilities:

      Our main responsibilities are to integrate high-quality educational resources in China and abroad, and coordinate the operation of international diploma programs in China. We are also in charge of the development, promotion and management of our collaborative programs.

      Services include: providing a comprehensive, high-quality consulting service and assistance regarding the establishment, student recruitment, management, curriculum coordination of partnership programs for the providers from China and overseas; being in charge of the establishment, follow-up management, policy consulting and market trend research and analysis for our programs. 

      Service details include:

      Preliminary period: Market research and analysis, program mode planning, partnership negotiation.

      Establishment period: Communications on agreement terms, program approval application.

      Implementation period: Assisting in student recruitment, teaching arrangement discussion and decision, dispatching teachers, cooperating with the implementation of teaching arrangements, teacher training, student graduation ceremony, etc.

      We have been highly praised by both local and overseas institutions who are receiving our services for our excellent program management ability and the professionalism demonstrated in the collaboration process.

      We are providing services for multiple institutions from Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US.

      As the partner/representative agency for overseas educational providers, we’re gratified to have successfully designed the transnational program modes and established partnership programs that match the aspirations of both local and overseas schools, and are benefitting our students.

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