Academic Teaching

International Teaching Management

Close Alignment with the International Level. Our syllabus is closely matched with the curriculum of foreign universities in all aspects. Overseas original textbooks are used along with various teaching resources. Professional teachers are recruited worldwide and outstanding foreign teachers are selected for academic teaching in English, which ensures from the source that the academic courses delivered are at the international level.

Strengthening Student Ability Training. All the teaching procedures, from the formulation of teaching plans to the design of assessment methods and examination questions, are carried out around the student ability training, aiming to stimulate students engagement, initiative and thinking during the learning process, and continuously enhance their abilities.

Improving Teaching Process Management. The overall curriculum system and teaching content are optimized by adopting persified teaching methods including case study, experiential trainings and seminars. In the meanwhile, assessment methods are various including quizzes, lectures and reports. Each course corresponds to a number of training objectives, and each class, each knowledge point as well as each examination question corresponds to specific course objectives, teaching methods and assessment methods. It is clearly required in the syllabus that the courses must adopt a variety of assessment methods.

Focusing on Continuous Improvement and Optimization. Teaching quality assurance and improvement system is established and great importance is attached to all the teaching procedures and process. Multifaceted assessment and timely feedback are conducted to improve every aspect of teaching and to ensure that teaching results meet training objectives.