Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Founded in 2004, Shanghai Yucui Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is an educational organization dedicated to managing Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, developing international English courses and providing overseas study consulting services. The company was renamed Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd. in 2015.

After years of experience in operation of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, Yucui has assisted multiple overseas colleges and universities in launching and managing over 30 professional Sino-foreign cooperative education programs in various provinces and cities of China. Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive and high-quality consulting services and assistance to partners regarding the establishment, recruitment, management and curriculum coordination of Sino-foreign educational cooperative programs (Sino-foreign cooperative schools, international classes, English teaching and academic teaching, etc.). We are responsible for the establishment and subsequent management of each program, including early market research, program model design, cooperation negotiation, communication on agreement terms, application for project approval, recruitment assistance, formulation of teaching arrangement, dispatch of teachers, cooperation of teaching implementation, teacher training, graduation ceremony of students, etc. Since 2004, the number of students signing up for the programs in China has exceeded 10,000, while the number of foreign teachers dispatched is up to 150 each year.

Based on the experience of overseas mature English teaching programs, the company develops and practices English courses that meet the international standards for college students, and helps students in the cooperation programs meet the English requirements of overseas professional courses, and enable them to successfully study abroad. Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd. is responsible for the overall management of English courses in more than 20 partner colleges and universities, including the formulation of syllabus and teaching plan, curriculum setting, teacher recruitment and selection, teacher training and management, teaching management and monitoring, teaching feedback, teaching evaluation and other aspects. Through 12 years of teaching exploration and learning from overseas mature English teaching courses, combined with the English learning characteristics of Chinese students and the English teaching characteristics of Chinese teachers, we’ve developed and put into practice an English course that meets the International College English standards, namely Yucui English course. 

Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd. provides both English and bilingual academic teaching services for more than 20 universities, colleges, secondary schools and technical schools in China, manages nearly 100 Chinese and foreign teachers, and delivers courses as marketing management, human resources, strategic decision-making, business statistics, international finance, international investment, asset valuation, financial accounting and analysis, management accounting, economics, mechanics, mathematics, advanced mathematics, statistics and physics, etc.

The company’s established overseas study service system has not only provided an excellent consulting service for program participants, but also provided students who are interested in study tour with comprehensive consulting service regarding popular study destinations such as the Australia, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, New Zealand and other mainstream countries. Our services include study tour and study abroad consultation, overseas university admission application, application for study visa, renewal of study visa, application for visit visa of parents, immigration consultation, overseas airport pick-up and accommodation, etc. With years of experience in overseas study management, the complete service system and good cooperative relations with hundreds of overseas universities, we are in the leading position in the field of case plan design, admission application, visa application, and follow-up overseas service, and boast a success rate of 99% every year.

In addition to overseas study service, Yucui also provides short-term study tour service for students. Through the approach of micro study tour, students can experience the daily life and study of standard international students, broaden their international horizons and make full preparations for successful study abroad in the future.