International Programs
  • Vocational Transnational Programs

    • International Higher Vocational College Program

      TAFE is the abbreviation for Technical and Further Education, which is equivalent of vocational technical education college in China. TAFE is the common educational form in Oceania, Europe and Southeast Asia. The Australian government is responsible for the delivering and training for TAFE programs.

      TAFE diploma is awarded by the Australian Government, equivalent to the higher vocational education diploma in China. As an essential component of the Australian higher education, TAFE is a huge education system jointly developed and managed by the federal and state governments in Australia.

      Ireland Level 7 Diploma program

      The higher education in Ireland is derived from the UK education system and at the same time has been developed into a qualification framework that would fit different students’ needs. In Ireland, both Level 7 and Level 8 are undergraduate degree courses, the difference is that a Level 7 degree is an ordinary degree that is equivalent of a 3-year diploma in China, whilst a Level 8 degree is an Honors degree which is equivalent of a 4-year bachelor’s degree in China. Normally, a Level 7 graduate will be able to get the honors degree with one more year of study. Studying at a local tertiary provider, you can choose either an ordinary degree or an honorary degree. An ordinary degree of 3 years consists of all the credits required for a bachelor’s degree, students can seek employment straightaway after graduation. Considering the fact that a level 7 degree is regarded as an associate degree in the Chinese certification system, 3+0 and 3+1 are ideal settings for partnership programs.

      US Diploma Program

      US diploma program is the 2-year certification program in community colleges, junior colleges and technical colleges or the first 2-year preliminary courses for a 4-year college or university student.

      In the US, half of the students go to institutions mostly like community colleges to pursue an associate degree program. After graduation, the majority of this group of students will progress to a third year study in a university to get a bachelor’s degree with their peers.

      An associate degree graduate is entitled to enter the third year of a bachelor’s degree course in the US, or the second year of a 3-year bachelor’s degree course in UK. The main courses in a community college are basically the same as those in the first two years in an US university. A large number of graduates from community colleges have shown themselves as successful entrants into the third year of the Top 20 Universities with credits fully transferred. Therefore, many domestic students in the US would prefer to study 2 years first in a community college rather than starting straightly at a university. Some graduates who finish the 2-year associate degree will otherwise choose to enter the workforce.