Academic Teaching


Academic Teaching Department of YUCUI is responsible for the overall management of foreign academic courses offered by partner institutions, including the development of syllabus and teaching programs, curriculum setting, teacher recruitment and hiring, faculty training and management, teaching induction, management and monitoring, teaching feedback and assessment, etc. 

Currently, our courses mainly cover the academic fields of finance, accounting, economics, and business administration.

Our overseas partner institutions include University of Worcester, University of Roehampton, Athlone Institute of Technology, La Trobe University, and Melbourne Polytechnic.

With years of experience and strength accumulated during the development of Yucui, Academic Teaching Department aims to provide a platform for students from cooperative colleges and universities to receive high-quality international education, actively introduce overseas original textbooks, adopt syllabus of foreign partner universities, check the qualification of all the foreign faculties and make sure all foreign teachers have relevant education background and teaching experience. Academic teaching is featured by individualized teaching methods, active interaction and teaching in English. Teaching quality is continuously improved through overall monitoring, management, assessment and feedback. In full combination with both teaching software and hardware facilities of domestic universities, we seek for the effective bridging of domestic and foreign education. Meanwhile, great convenience and help are offered to students to help them get familiar with overseas teaching methods and campus culture as soon as possible, and integrate into the teaching and learning methods of the countries where the students study, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future study in foreign universities.