English Teaching

Foreign Lecturers Testimonials


Steven Herring

While a professor with YUCUI,  in addition to preparing students for tests, I often discussed topics such as; happiness, work-life balance and current events.  

I found students to have a great desire to interact with one another, as well as  professors.  I used improvisation and creative expression to further engage students in conversations pertaining to course material and beyond. Giving students a much relished view above the wall of strict confines that is Chinese education.

I still communicate with past students, and enjoy sharing stories of all the amazing places they have visited. Students that have successfully graduated from this program, often post photos of  their new western style University activities; such as barbecues, academic clubs, and even working as a part time radio host (for example).

Altogether the students learned a lot, sometimes I think they learned almost as much as I did! 

Philip Burnett

Yucui programs provide a great opportunity for international teachers with a wide range of backgrounds to find their own teaching style within a strong foundation to strive for great results. You have the opportunity to teach many and varied student groups, wherein you truly find yourself a leader and role model for curious minds. It never ceases to overwhelm when students share their sincere thanks for your part in helping them reach their dreams gaining admission into Australian and other international institutions. And over several years, I was fortunate to develop in numerous unforgettable connections with fantastic students and upcoming thinkers and leaders, many of whom I remain in contact, still others I will never forget.

David Wills

My name is David Wills and I’ve been working at Yucui for three and a half years. It’s been a pleasure to work for this company during my time in China as it has matched my goals and aims in teaching. Since coming here, I have found working for Yucui to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. They have been in close contact with me and have always assisted me quickly and comprehensively whenever needed. They have thoughtfully selected materials for use on the course based partly on my suggestions and feedback, and have offered a great deal of help in communicating on my behalf with the university administration. 

My duties here involved creating and administrating a curriculum suitable for university students who will one day study in the United Kingdom. I have, in that capacity, delivered classes on IELTS, writing, culture, oral English, and other topics where appropriate. Although I have been given a good degree of autonomy in my work, I have also been given useful advice, feedback, and instruction from the course coordinators. This has helped me develop as a teacher. 

During my three and a half years’ teaching here I have worked with many hundreds of students to raise their level of English and their engagement with the wider world. I am particularly proud of my work instructing them on written English, as well as introducing them to British culture – something of which they previously had a great deal of misinformation. I aim to deliver interactive, communicative lessons through which students can develop all aspects of their English abilities in a safe and friendly environment. 

I have always taken a great deal of pride in my work and I enjoy seeing my students succeed. At this school, I have been able to watch them develop quickly in my classes, and each year – along with the staff at Yucui – I help alter the course to improve it further to meet these students’ needs. Nothing is more important to me than assisting my students in developing the skills that will ensure their ability to lead successful and fulfilling lives. I have been delighted to watch countless talented and motivate students go on to great things during my time here, and I’m sure that in future I will see it happen again and again. I stay in contact with many of my former students and am proud to see them flourishing at the University of Worcester.